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Anger – The breakfast of champions!

After some thought (quite a bit) I’m no longer going to upload any of the ETS2 files to ANY website. If you really want the skin or whatever I’ve made them feel free to give me a message on Instagram there is a link up in the top right.

Over the last few months every file that has been uploaded has been stolen and re-uploaded on a pay per click link. I’m not here to make you money, It clearly states not to upload anywhere else. If I have uploaded the file its because I wanted to share what I had done with you, not so you could profit from hours of work by myself. So for now ETS2 stuff I do will only be showcased here and as I said drop me a message and we can arrange something.

As for other items, they will for the time being be available here to download. I’ve got a few Sims 4 items ready to pack up so hopefully they will be available this weekend.