ETS2 Stewart Trailers Volvo FH

Stewart Trailers Volvo FH

ETS2 Volvo FH in Stewart Trailers livery.
It should be noted that you dont need the FH tuning pack for the skin to work but if you want the lightbox to display the Stewart logo you will need it.

Stewart Trailers was founded in 1988 and is owned and managed by James and Mandy Stewart. We operate from our modern manufacturing facility in the rolling Aberdeenshire countryside in the North-East of Scotland. Our trailers are sold throughout the UK and abroad by our network of appointed agents.

The file link is below, it’s a Mediafire link so be careful where you click!!

Download Stewart Trailers Volvo FH for ETS2

If you want to find out a bit more about Stewart Trailers, Grassmen visited them last year and took a tour around the Stewart HQ.  It’s linked below…

What’s the plan ?

Okdokey, here is the plan (well the plan as I sit and write this).

I’ve made a couple of menus at the top of the ‘homepage’ so far there is the ‘About’ menu & the ‘Master Lists’ Menu.  About is as you might expect some information about the site & the ‘master lists’ menu will have a page with a link to EVERY file that I’ve made over the last few years, it should be noted that some files may reference other usernames but I can assure you they are all me.  I’ve started the Sims 4 & Euro Truck Simulator 2 files pages.  New files from today onwards will be added but will also feature an individual post.

Sounds straight forward enough right? (hopefully).

So until the next release, stay well.