Sims 4 Custom Content

As promised here are a few older and a new  bit of sims 4 custom content.   If you download any of the older files you may see a reference to my old website it actually takes you to the tumbler site I set up after my old Sims 4 custom content got removed, a story for another day. As always the files are located at Mediafire so be careful where you click!

The first one was made by request… a very specific request.  Here you have Christina Aguilera in her outfit from an MTV performance of Dirrty. The pack includes top, bottoms & wristband.

Canibal Corpse are a death metal band from Buffalo, New York.  I’ve always felt death metal was poorly represented in Sims 4.  Here we have a classic backward facing cap!

As you probably know I like car racing, so it might be no surprise that I bring it in to as many parts of life that I can.  This piece of custom content will give you a race overall t-shirt.  It represents Mick Schumachers race overalls & hopefully you’ll find it handy in Sims 4.

I had hoped to get a few more files sorted out but alas time is never on my side…. I will hopefully get some files sorted out midweek so stay tuned!