VMM-166 SeaElk MV22 Osprey

Another day and another Osprey added to the hangar and it’s another one by @flygirlpainter.

Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 166 (VMM-166) is a United States Marine Corps tiltrotor squadron consisting of MV-22 Osprey transport aircraft. The squadron, known as the "SeaElk", is based at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, California. Activated in 1985, HMM-166 was the youngest CH-46 helicopter squadron in the Marine Corps. The squadron was redesignated as a tiltrotor squadron on June 23, 2010.

As before I take no credit for the paint scheme on the tail thats all flygirlpainters handy work, I merely shoehorned it all in to flight simulator using the Maryadi model (FSX/P3D)

P3D – 194th Fighter Squadron F15C

This was more of a can I get it to work than an actual necessity.  Rather than forking out $30+ for the DC Designs F-15 pack (although it looks amazing!).  I thought I’d just use the old Iris FSX eagle in P3d. Wrong…

The FSX version is an older FS9 model and P3d doesnt like that.  After a bit of reading I was able to get it working in P3d using Arno Gerretsen, brilliant ModelConverterX I still have a bit of work to do fixing a few of the animations but overall its in a flyable state (I added a VC from another aircraft also).

Its been an interesting little project, possibly something I might look in to doing again…

The Iris F-15C in it’s brand new California Air National Guard paint scheme (did I mention I painted that?) about to depart RAF Lossiemouth after coming out of maintenance.