GMC Racing’s history goes back to the late 80s / early 90s over thirty years on we are still racing!

In the early days we done a bit of rallying in a Peugoet 205…

A rare piece of footage of the Pug being thrown around, Eddie ‘Rockchef’ was the pace note reader in those days. (Dirt Rally footage)

In November 1997 GMC Racing (F1) was officialy formed with the intention of racing in the Internet Amiga F1 World Championship (IAF1GP).  Several factors were making it look unlikely that the team would make it to the first round let alone the second.  The heavy decision was made to swith the focus to design and development for the 98/90 season.  However the story doesn’t end there, a late in the day phone call from GJM Racing owner Garry McCandless would see Mclean taking a seat with GJM for the 97/98 season.

The first race for Mclean at GJM Racing would be at the Phoenix Grand Prix as part of the Semi-Pro IAF1GPC (97/98).  GJM Racings first podium position was scored by Mclean at the French Grand Prix, a 6th place start being converted in to a 2nd place finish.  Another 2nd place was scored at the season closing Australian Grand Prix.

Mclean driving for GJM Racing at Adelaide in the 98/99 season.